LiTaO3 Crystal (Lithium Tantalate) 

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LiTaO3 crystal is also widely used E-O crystal, due to its optical, NLO and E-O poperties similar to those of LiNbO3 crystal, but with higher damage threshold (> 500 MW/cm2 for ns pulsed). Main properties include:

  • Transparent Range: 0.4 - 5.0 μm; E-O Coefficient: r33=30.4; 

  • Refractive Indices: no=2.176, ne=2.180 @ 633 nm.

Maximum LiTaO3 SAW wafer size we can offer is 6 inch in diameter.

Red Optronics provide LiTaO3 in as-cut boules, wafers or slices. Our production capabilities include:


  • Diameter: f40mm ~ 102mm 

  • Length: 50mm ~ 150mm 

  • Orientation: X, Z, 36Y, 42Y, 128Y 

  • Polish: 0.016mm 


  • Diameter: f40mm ~ 102mm 

  • Length: 0.2~1.2mm 

  • Orientation: X, Z, 36Y, 42Y, 128Ys 

  • Flatness: 
    <10mm for
    f40 ~ 65mm
    <15mm for
    f65 ~ 102mm 

  • Bow: 
    <20mm for
    f40~ 65 mm, 
    <40mm for
    f65 ~102mm 

Size: 100x45x1.5mm ~ 120x40x2mm 

Boule Specifications  
Typical Diameter φ3"2mm φ4"2mm
Typical Length ≤120mm ≤100mm
Typical Orientation 36Y,42Y,


Wafer Specifications  
Diameter φ3"2mm,φ4"2mm
Thickness 0.3~1mm
Orientation 36Y,42Y
Reference Flat Orientation X
Ref.Flat Width 222
Front Side Polishing 0.25~0.016μm
Back Side Lapping 10~15μm
Flatness (μm) ≤20
Bow (μm) ≤30

To inquire or order LiTaO3 crystals, please provide specifications as detailed in above.
Physical and Optical Properties  
Crystal Structure:  Trigonal, space group R3c,Point group 3m 
Cell Parameters:  a=5.154A,c=13.781A
Melting point: 1650C
Curie Temperature:  607C 
Mohs hardness:  5.5 
Density:  7.46 g/cm3 
Dielectric Constant:  ξ11/ξ0 51.7
ξ33/ξ0 44.5 
Elastic Stiffness Coefficient:  CE11 2.33(X 1011 N/m2)
CE33 2.77(X 1011 N/m2
Piezoelectric Strain Constant:  d22 2.4(X 10-11 C/N)
d33 0.8(X 10-11 C/N) 
Transmission range:  400-4500nm 
Electro-optical coefficients:  r33 30.4pm/V 
Refractive index at 632.8nm: no=2.176, ne=2.180 Aperture


SAW Properties
Cut Type  νs(m/s)  κ2s(%)  TCV(10-6/C)  TCD(10-6/C) 
X-112Y  3295  0.75  -16.50  22.3 
Y-Z  3230  0.66    35 




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