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Dual Wavelength waveplate is a multiple waveplate that provide a specific retardance at two different wavelengths.  It is particularly useful when used in conjunction with other polarization sensitive components to separate coaxial laser beams of different wavelength.

Low Orde Waveplate

Main Specifications
Material: Crystal Quartz
Parallelism:  <1 arc second
Diameter Tolerance: +0.0, - 0.1
Surface Quality: 20/10 (Scratch/Dig)
Retardation Tolerance: l/300
Wavefront Distortion: l/8@632.8nm
Clear Aperture: Central 90%
AR Coating: <0.2% Wavelength
Damage Threshold: 500MW/cm2 in 5 ns pulse


Standard Product Information
Diameter(mm) Phase Retardation Product Number
12.7  l@1064nm + l/2@532nm WPD-2121
12.7 l/2@1064nm + l@532nm WPD-2122
15.0 l@1064nm + l/2@532nm WPD-2151
15.0 l/2@1064nm + l@532nm WPD-2122
20.0 l@1064nm + l/2@532nm WPD-2201
20.0 l/2@1064nm + l@532nm WPD-2202
25.4 l@1064nm + l/2@532nm WPD-2251
25.4 l/2@1064nm + l@532nm WPD-2252

Note: custom wavelengths and sizes are available upon request.


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