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Yb:YAG is a good laser gain material which has a much larger absorption bandwidth. It can generate 1.03m laser output pumped at 0.94m. Yb:YAG can be used in high power diode-pumped lasers and others potential applications.

Main Specifications  
Yb-dopant concentration 0.2%---30% at% (Tolerance 10% of concentration)
Diameter 20 mm (+0.0/ -0.025mm)
Length 1~70mm, (+/-0.05mm)
Coating specification
a) AR @ 940nm or HR @940nm
b) AR @ 1053nm or AR @1030nm or HR @1053nm
Parallelism < 10 arc seconds
Perpendicularity < 5 arc minutes
Chamfer 0.15x45
Barrel finish ground or polished
Wavefront Distortion <λ/10 per inch at 632.8nm for <7mm
Surface flatness <λ/10 at 632.8nm
Surface quality better than 20/10
Clear aperture Central 95%


Physical Properties  
Chemical Formula Yb:Y3Al5O12
Crystal Structure Cubic
Lattice Constants 12.01
Melting Point 1970C
Density 4.56 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 8.5
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 7.8x10-6 /K , [111], 0-250C
Thermal Conductivity 14 W.s /m /K @ 20C
Optical Properties
Loss Coefficient 0.003 cm-1
Index of Refraction 1.82
Lasing Wavelength 1030 nm
Pump Wavelength 940 nm
Absorption band about pump wavelength

10 nm


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