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Ti:Sapphire (Al2O3:Ti3+)- titanium-doped sapphire crystals combine supreme physical and optical properties with broadest lasing range.  Its indefinitely long stability and useful lifetime added to the lasing over entire band of 660-1050 nm challenge "dirty" dyes in variety of applications. Medical laser systems, lidars, laser spectroscopy, direct femtosecond pulse generation by Kerr-type mode-locking - there are few of existing and potential applications.

The absorption band of Ti:Sapphire, centered at 490 nm, makes it suitable for the pump source for a variety of lasers - argon ion, frequency doubled Nd:YAG and YLF, copper vapour lasers. Due to its 3.2 μs fluorescence lifetime, Ti:Sapphire crystals can be effectively pumped by short pulse flashlamps in powerful laser systems.

Red Optronics supplies  a wide variety of finished laser rods and slabs.  Our standard Ti:Sapphire production follows:

Main Specifications  
Ti2O3 concentration 0.06-0.5 wt%
Figure of Merit 100~300
Diameter 2~50mm
Path Length 2~130mm
End configuration flat/flat or Brewster/Brewster ends or custom specified
Orientation Optical axis C normal to rod axis
α490 1.0-7.5cm-1
Flatness 10 @633nm
Parallelism 10 arcsec
Surface quality 10/5 scratch/dig
Wavefront distortion 4 per inch

To inquire or order a finished Ti3+:Sapphire laser rod, please provide detailed specification as listed in the above for evaluation and fabrication. Dopant concentration, sizes and end configuration are essential specification.

Physical Properties  
Chemical formula Ti3+: Al2O3
Crystal structure Hexagonal
Melting point 2050 C
Density 3.98 g/cm3
Hardness 9 Mohs 
Thermal conductivity 0.11 cal/(C x sec x cm)
Specific heat 0.10 cal/g
Optical Properties
Laser action 4-Level Vibronic
Lattice constants a = 4.748, c = 12.957
Fluorescence lifetime 3.2 μsec (T = 300 K)
Tuning range 660-1050 nm
Absorption range 400-600 nm
Emission peak 795 nm
Absorption peak 488 nm
Refractive index 1.76 @ 800 nm




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