Scintillating Crystals (NaI, CsI, BaF2 Crystal) and NaI Detector

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Scintillating Crystals are used to detect the energy and intensity level of γ ray. The crystals are used as a key functional material in modern science and technology. Its application can be found in various occasions such as airport, railway station, customs, port as well as oil field and geographic exploration where detection is required. 

NaI:TI Crystal and NaI Detector
NaI is a kind of scintillation crystal with good properties. It has a very high luminescence efficiency and is available in single crystals or polycrystalline forms in a wide variety of sizes and ge0metries. The material exhibits no significant self absorption of the scintillation light and has good resolution ability to X-ray and γ-ray. Of all available scintillators, NaI is the most extensively used material. It is widely used in nuclear medicine, well logging, environmental monitoring, high energy physics and in many other applications. 

Red Optronics supply both NaI crystals and NaI detectors(150C and 175C ).  

Main Properties CsI(TI)   
Density 4.51 g/cm3
Melting Point  894C  
Hardness  2 Mohs
Hydroscopicity little
Afterglow (after 6ms)   0.5%-5.0%
Decay constant    1000 ns
Expansion coefficient          5410-6/K
Radiation length  1.7 cm
Emission wavelength  540 nm
Light yield  52 - 56103 photons/MeV
Refractive Index
(Maximum emission wavelength)    


Main Properties of NaI(TI)  
Density 3.67 g/cm3
Lattice constant                   6.46
Melting Point  651C  
Hardness  2 Mohs
Hydroscopicity little
Decay constant    Fast620 ns Slow250 ns
Radiation length  2.6 cm
Emission wavelength  Fast310 nm Slow410 nm
Light yield  52 - 56103 photons/MeV
Refractive Index
(Maximum emission wavelength)    
Linear attenuation coefficient                  (for 511 kev γ-rays) 0.34 cm-1
Light yield    Fast 6.5103 Slow4104 photon/Mev
Energy resolution( for 511)                    about 8 Kev%
Flatness  λ/4 @ 633nm
Parallelism <10"
Perpendicularity  <10'
Time resolution (for 60Co) 1000 ps



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