BaTiO3 Crystal

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Barium Titanate or BaTiO3 is an excellent photorefractive crystal for self-pumped phase conjugation, four-wave mixing and many other photorefractive processes.  It has high beam- coupling gain and short beam-coupling rise time. The highest SPPC reflectivity was reported by using BaTiO3.  It can be operated at visible and near-infraced regions and is good for cw four-wave mixing with milliwatts optical power.

Physical and optical properties:  
Crystal structure Tetragonal, 4mm
Lattice parameters a=3.992 , c=4.036
Density 6.02g/cm3
Hardness  5 Mohs
Phase transition temperature -90C, 9C, 132C
Electro-optic coefficients
Unclamped Clamped
r13 9.5 pm/v 8 pm/v
r33 97 pm/v 28 pm/v
r42 1460 pm/v 820pm/v



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