BaF2 Crystal (Barium Fluoride)

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BaF2 is relatively hard but is highly sensitive to thermal shock. For its transmission range is 0.2 μm - 11 μm, the material is used for optical windows, lenses and prisms in UV-IR. Besides it can also be used as substrate for some applications. BaF2 is less resistant to attack by water than CaF2. Pronounced water attack occurs at 500 C, but in a dry environment the material can be used to 800 C. BaF2 is grown by modified Bridgman technique. Maximum available size: Dia 200 mm x Thickness 50 mm.  In addition, BaF2 is usually used as scintillator for gamma detection. It is the fastest scintillating crystals up to now.  

Main Specifications  
Maximum Size Single Crystal:  f100100 mm
Poly Crystal:
f200100 mm (3 ~7 boundaries)
Dimension Tolerance 0.1mm
Flatness Tolerance l ~ l /10 at 632.8 nm over central 90% of edge dimensional
Parallelism  1 arc sec ~ 3 arc min
Cosmetic Surface Quality 10-5 scratch and dig


Physical and optical properties:  

Transmission Range  (mm)

0.15 ~12.5

Refractive Index (within 0.26~12.00 mm)


Reflection Loss at 10.35 mm

5.3% (2 surfaces)

Absorption Coefficient at 6mm (cm-1)


Density (g/cm3)


Melting Point (C)


Thermal Conductivity at 286K  (Wm-1K-1)


Thermal Expansion at 273K (K-1)


Knoop Hardness

82 with 500g indenter

Specific Heat (J Kgm-1K-1)


Dielectric Constant at 1MHz


Elastic Coefficients

C11 = 89.2  C12 = 40.0  C44 = 25.4

Apparent Elastic Limit (Mpa)

26.9 (3900psi)

Possion Ratio


Solubility in 100g water at 23C (g)




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